Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halloween Candy

As you know, I LOVE Halloween. Per a friends request, I am going to have my 3rd annual Haunted Halloween EPIC BASH!

I have begun my quest for fun, spooky and interesting Halloween party decorations, food and party favors. I searched the web for Halloween Candy and I found

Look at what their Halloween Candy page says:

"Scare Up Some Fun With Spooky Sweet Halloween Candy

Halloween HouseIf you're looking to scare up some treats in addition to Halloween tricks, you've come to the right place.

Celebrate this ghoulish holiday with and you'll discover there are some frightfully fantastic Halloween candy options available.

From our extra squishy Gummy Rats to our deliciously creepy Gummy Brain and Gummy Eyeballs, these candies will have your friends, family, guests, and trick-or-treaters howling for more.

At, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We just love handing out tons of candy bars, chocolate, and more each season. Our bulk candy makes it easy to ensure every trick-or-treater who knocks on the door will get a delightfully yummy Halloween candy for their efforts.

Halloween 2012: Wednesday, October 31"

Um, YES!!! I think I will have to have some Gummy Brains:

And some Gummy Rats:

At this years Halloween party!!!

YES! I am so freaking excited! Can;t wait for Halloween!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses or Creepy Looking houses are what i truly love! The eerie feeling that you aren't safe or you are being watch by something you could walk through is so spine chilling cool!
What about this image doesnt make you excited.....The chance to see something that you "Shouldn't" see......
This house is truly beautiful in sooo many ways! From the age of it to the lines and curves of the design. I wonder what it looks like in side and who all still occupy this home!

"These creaky homes and hotels have a hair-raising history they just can’t escape – and visitors that just won’t leave BY AMY SCHELLENBAUM. Winchester Mystery House: At the turn of the 20th century, a wealthy widow in San Jose, California consulted a psychic, who told her construction on her California home would deflect the spirits who died at the wrong end of the “gun that won the west.” For 38 years carpenters worked at all hours, building dozens of eerie add-ons and mazes to bewilder the ghosts. The result? Perhaps the most bizarre estate in American history."